The Shop: Motorwerkz

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ginny and Benny, the young couple that started up the very cool store called ‘Motorwerkz’ down at Singapore’s east-side industrial hub of Ubi. A place where bikers, bike-lovers and those who appreciate good design, coupled with a love of well-made products (pertaining especially to the great biker tradition), can gather to discover uncommon apparel and accessories. Uncommon in Singapore at least. T-shirts from Iron & Resin, shirts, tees and caps from Deus Ex Machina and utilitarian backpacks and workshop bags from American label Mission Workshop.

I was thinking of getting one of the backpacks. I found the black treated canvas, clever compartments and a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers against wear and tear very tempting. Not that I’m planning on going into the great outdoors anytime soon but the waterproof element of the bag would definitely be put to good use if I had to dash through the rain from the MRT station to the office, though the rather steep price tag gave me pause. That said, I suppose being able to customize your compartments with their additional modular interior units and lodging your laptop in the (dry) safety of their waxed canvas means that you are paying for what you get.

Wall of helmets
Wall of helmets

Motorwerkz has their wares all displayed against an industrial-chic interior that would look more at home downtown than, ironically, within an actual industrial estate. Especially with the specially imported racing green Chesterfield sofa sitting comfortably next to an Eames chair, one of Benny’s favorite wooden seats.

Worth checking out for its range of unusual helmets, including Bell (iconic heritage USA brand), Nexx (young, innovative Portuguese helmet label) and Davida (a traditional brand of helmets handmade in the UK with genuine leather and suede). An interesting pit-stop if you are looking for a cool present either for yourself or a motorhead friend, or if you are waiting for your vehicle to be serviced in the area and have some time to kill.

Part of the charm
Part of the charm

Motorwerkz is located at 81 Ubi Ave 4, UB.ONE, Singapore.


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